About Us

Magical Melodies is owned and operated by Bridget Hennigan, who loved princesses and fairytales as a child and never grew out of her love for them. She also has a passion for theatre and singing  and has been taking voice lessons since childhood. Additionally, she is a licensed makeup artist and specializes in character look-alike makeup.

When out of character, Bridget attends college at Oakland University with the goal of becoming an art professor. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, writing, alternative fashion, and video games.  She has a strong appreciation of classical music and loves to attend operas and orchestral concerts. Her favorite composers are Beethoven, Bach, and Shostakovich.

The Magical Melodies Difference

Magical Melodies is a premier choice for your birthday and special event entertainment.  All of our employees truly love princesses and performing and never break character while at events.

Because we know how it feels to be in a child’s shoes–especially on their special day, we take character integrity very seriously in order to make every little princess’ dreams come true! Singing is such an integral part of convincingly playing a princess, and all of our songs are performed by musical theatre and classically trained singers.